We offer you an unrivaled selection of authentic-looking fake lawn surfaces for gardens to suit a variety of applications. Our British-based designers have developed the most advanced technology in types of artificial grass for year-round use for all our domestic and commercial customers in the UK and worldwide.

Our research and development team look into pile heights, yarn fibre shape and stiffness, and lush green shades, have led us to accurately judge performance demands of each product design in our types of artificial grass. This includes: enhancement of green tones for shady areas; crush resistance yarns for high-traffic spaces; as well as dead grass infills for an authentic natural look.

If you are looking for a fake grass garden that looks and feels like the real thing, the Easigrass products range provides a full range of quality solutions, from soft-to-touch premier artificial lawns, to hard-wearing heavy-footfall Artificial grass surfaces.

Our advanced technology synthetic grass range is UV stabilised and guarantee for upto ten years, fully porous to provide efficient drainage, and is designed and tested to international standards to withstand the toughest of UK weather, all year round. Contact us today for your FREE quote.







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