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Artificial Grass Accessories

Artificial Grass Underlay

To maintain the look, stability and integrity of your new Easigrass on hard surfaces, such as concrete or tiles, we recommend the addition of our artificial grass underlay. Offering the most advanced artificial grass drainage capability available in the UK, our 18mm Easi-Base panels have been uniquely constructed to protect all existing tiles and structures. Our European-made artificial grass underlay panels are particularly suited and successfully proven to work well for commercial rooftop and terrace installations, as well temporary lawn surface construction.

Artificial Grass Infill

To maintain the natural look and cushioned feel of a natural lawn, artificial grass infill is used by all professional artificial grass installers to stabilise and support the blade fibres. Available exclusively to Easigrass customers in the UK, EasiZeo is a revolutionary organic turf infill, which naturally reduces odour buildup and cools fibres. Developed from 100 per cent organic volcanic ash minerals – which are also used in health food supplements and water filtration systems – EasiZeo works to neutralise pet urine odour and stabilise fibres in artificial lawns to maximise efficiency.

Shockpad Underlay

The Easigrass artificial grass range is incredibly realistic, durable and allows children to play freely and safely outside in all weathers. To give parents extra peace of mind for their child’s safety, we’ve drawn on many years of experience supplying gardens throughout the UK to deliver a premium shockpad underlay system. On installation, your Easigrass lawn can be cushioned underneath with these soft, shock-absorbent pads. The Easi-Shockpad range – designed together with the world’s leading shock pad manufacturer – is recommended for use in and around swings, slides, climbing frames, paddling pools, and trampolines to create a state-of-the-art child-safe garden.

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We provide a very high standard of paving using our paving suppliers Bowland Stone and Mandarin Stone. We are happy to fit paving supplied by the customer if required and would help with the requirement if needed. We only do paving if it relates to a garden design we are involved in that has artificial grass in it.

Jacksons Fencing:

We only use Jacksons Fencing products.

Handcrafted at their workshops in Kent, their premium fencing comes in both timber and steel to match your personal preference, garden style or residential application.

With their unique, accredited Jakcure® treatment process, Jacksons’ timber goes through a stringent process to ensure it is fully treated, rather than simply coating the surface. This allows them to guarantee their timber fencing for 25 years against wood-boring pests as well as wet or dry rot.

All of their steel fencing products start with a high-grade steel that is galvanised, hand ‘fettled’ and commonly powder coated for a quality finish.

Grass Animals:

Easigrass artificial grass animals are a much-loved part of our multi award winning family of products that enhance and add an exclusive touch of fun to events, parties and garden accessory fashion. Every one of our animals and garden sculptures are handmade using Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) medal-winning artificial grass at our Easigrass horticultural centre in Surrey, England.

These unique fake grass animal sculptures have attracted a huge amount of interest since our grass-covered cow, Gertrude, made her debut at St Patrick’s Day Parade in London as a promotional feature.

A fabulous and unique showpiece for corporate events, commercial installations, weddings, and children’s parties, Easigrass Animals also makes the perfect gift for the garden enthusiast you thought had everything.
From life-sized horses, lions, tigers, camels and gorillas, to cuddly bears, unicorns and frogs, Easi- Animals are available for purchase or rent throughout the UK and worldwide.

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